Wholesale Baja Hoodies and Drug Rugs

Wholesale baja hoodies are not made in China like most other clothing you find in the United States and around the world. The drug rug sweatshirt manufacturer of Mexican Threads weaves all of their jerga hoodies in Mexico. This is great new for anyone looking to buy in bulk. MexicanThreads.com is the leading retailer, manufacturer and wholesaler of the poncho hoodie that people refer to as a baja hoodie or drug rug hoodie now.
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Baja Hoodies Are Drug Rugs

The technical term for a drug rug is Mexican baja hoodie but people call them by many other names. Most commonly described to someone that doesn’t know what they are, you can say it’s like a Mexican poncho hooded pullover or a Mexican Hoodie with stripes and a pocket in the front. No matter your lingo, they are sold online at places like MexicanThreads.com and Hippies.com where they have many colors to choose from for men, women and children.
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Mexican Threads Baja Hoodie

The Mexican Threads™ baja hoodie is sold exclusively at MexicanThreads.com which is the leading hippie shop online for bajas, drug rugs and other Mexican clothes. Some these poncho hoodies look like they got holi color powder thrown on them because they are so colorful. If you don’t get that last reference, it’s referring to all the color run 5k events and holi festivals that have throw colored cornstarch in the air and it looks really cool. That stuff is called Hippie Powder and comes in a lot of fun colors just like the Mexican pullover bajas at Mexican Threads™.
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The Mexican Jerga Hippie Hoodie

You know one thing that hippies love is their carefree eco friendly clothing and the baja hoodie fits into that category. The Mexican Threads baja hoodies are made from jerga materials in Mexico and are 100% recycled fibers. You can find Mexican clothing in a lot of place but you will never find the large selection of styles and colors that MexicanThreads.com has to offer. The hippie hoodie is often called a drug rug sweatshirt because of obvious reason but all types of people wear them so don’t worry if you aren’t a hipster or bohemian fashion guru.
pink baja hoodie jergaburgundy baja
jerga mexican hippie drug rug hoodie baja pullover

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Mexican Baja Hoodie

When talking about Mexican clothes you can’t help but think of the mexican baja hoodie, the sombrero and the Mexican Poncho. Put those with a Mexican blanket from elChamaco.com and you have everything you need for a cinco de Mayo party! See our drug rug hoodie by MexicanThreads.com.

See more about the Mexican Threads baja hoodie here.
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